Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Some of my favourite recovery blogs...

These are my favourite blogs to read about recovery, they're people I can relete to and give me motivation to keep going...

Dream, recovery, live - is written by Sarah Robo, she is of a similar age to me and documents about her battle beating an eating disorder. I can releate a lot of what she writes about with her struggles. My therapist at inpatient recommended I read her blog and thought Sarah was somebody whose words I could connect with. He said a lot of what Sarah said was similar to what I said in my sessions. I was intrigued and started following her journey.

Lord still loves me  - Julia is well known within the recovery community, she has used the Minnie maud guidelines to help her recover from her eating disorder. She is still in recovery but fighting even day. This girl is a true inspiration to us all, her motivation and energy is contagious. Julia has a fantastic energy about her and honest I look forward to her updates! P.S Julia is the infamous created of pint parties! 

Write, smile, dream - Sophie is a young woman battling her eating disorder. She is fighting her way through anorexia and type one diabetes. Sophie is currently going through an extremely difficult time and could really do with all the support she could get right now. A truly inspirational girl who puts into words so poetically the daily struggles she faces. 

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